Thank you so much for any feedback you leave in the comment section below!  This is a project under development and your feedback can influence the final version. It would be most useful if you wrote the one or two features you liked the most and the one or two features you liked the least (not just the most challenging).


Such a amazing and good game it is, as it is taken from the movie The World of OZ as well. However that game is also quite amazing and full as the movie is.

02/15/2017 5:38am

Fantastic work so far!

Most Liked
-Bright Coloured Environments
-Cartoon Character Icons
-Music score

Least Liked
-Rocks and Trees could be more brightly coloured
-Planting buttons could be next to Speed Growth and Larger Harvest

(On a side note, is there any possibility of getting Captain Bible onto Steam and a revamp or sequel)?

Kind Regards,
Caleb Harris

07/21/2017 2:24pm

Hi, Thanks for your help with the honey. I had not found the path to the Valley Garden and so that is why I couldn't find the tree. The tree is fine. My son has a photographic memory and he said the path wasn't there earlier, but I don't know if that's correct or not. But now it is. I deleted my rating on your game because I realized it might hurt your downloads and you've got a great game here. I got stuck again, and it is very frustrating. I have done everything, planted everything, maximized every garden, and still the Emerald Pie does not show up. Without it, I can't get a heart and go to the next location. Maybe it's a glitch or maybe the puzzle is too hard to figure out. I'm taking the time to write because I love your game and I love your concept. I can play at a relaxing pace with no ad interruptions, it's clean and the graphics are delightful. But there needs to be more than one way to do things if it's this difficult. No new quests show up until I've accomplished every available quest, which is impossible w/o the pie. There should be an alternate quest to get a heart, since it's so important. I've got all this stuff (boards, etc.) with no apparent use because I can't go any farther. I'm stuck for now, but will check back for updates. You should totally continue to update and fix this because it has the makings of a real winner for the right users.

12/29/2017 10:55pm

I've read some online posts from my friends who happened to gamers, and they expressed how much they want to play Harvest OZ. They are pretty excited because the game was said to offer new vibe for the gamers. This sounds really awesome for me! I hope that this game will be a better one if you are going to compare it from the existing games nowadays. It should be better for it to get positive reviews from the public!

Elizabeth C Lawless Gocken
10/10/2017 9:06pm

I love this game! It is addicting!
The things I love about this game:
First player game play

Things I don't like about the game:
The amount of topoz needed in Nome kingdom to repair bridges.
Silver does not go into my inventory when collected at the Marsh in Nome Kingdom

11/14/2017 10:22am

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11/14/2017 11:33am

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11/20/2017 12:53pm

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